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  • APHound is designed for
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  • Current Version: 1.10b
    Release Date: 17th April 2018

APHound - Release History




17th April 2018

 -APHound Plus is now completely free



19th November 2016

 - NEW - Dynamic detection of USB WiFi adapter plug-in and removal
 - ENH - Improved data rate information for 802.11ac
 - ENH - Improved support for 802.11a
 - ENH - Internal changes to support planned future features
 - FIX - Support for dual AP on a single MAC (Turtle Beach wireless headset)



23rd April 2016

 - ENH - Improved security and cipher information
 - FIX - Application crash with some 5Ghz AP configurations



20th January 2016

 - NEW - Feature list changes - Free version loses Site Survey but gains 5GHz support
 - ENH - Window resize code rewritten
 - FIX - Correct min/max window handling for site surveys
 - FIX - Exception could be generated in site survey resize
 - FIX - Site survey thumbnail scroll button can be hidden
 - FIX - Access Point marker not appearing on the Site Survey



15th October 2015

 - NEW - Access point list shows station count and channel utilisation when available
 - ENH - Upgraded to new Chart Director v6 library
 - ENH - Upgraded to new Visual Studio 2015 (with new Microsoft runtimes)
 - FIX - Excessive flickering on chart updates
 - FIX - Memory leak in access point group handling
 - FIX - SSID now updates dynamically



20th August 2015

 - NEW - Signal surveys can be exported as web pages
 - NEW - Signal survey supports free-form text markers
 - NEW - Access point list shows manufacturer based on MAC address
 - NEW - Access points can be assigned a user defined alias
 - ENH - User changes to column widths are saved and restored
 - ENH - Signal survey shows number of measurements and details for loaded image
 - ENH - Signal survey now has pop-up tooltips to show measurement value and text markers
 - ENH - Signal survey shows access point information at access point location
 - ENH - Signal survey shows directional lines between measurements to show progress



22nd July 2015

 - NEW - Update process is now handled by APHound
 - NEW - Uninstall of Free edition prompts for user feedback
 - FIX - Supported standards sometimes set to invalid value
 - FIX - v1.4 could prompt for registration on each start
 - FIX - Base standard not always set for an AP



12th June 2015

 - NEW - New Plus user feature : Support for 5GHz Wi-Fi
 - NEW - New Plus user feature : Support for 802.11ac
 - ENH - Replaced chart legends with colour coding on the AP list
 - ENH - Save and Restore the splitter bar position
 - ENH - Added additional fields to the AP Info tab
 - ENH - Added a grid to the signal survey when no image is loaded
 - FIX - Hidden networks now retain the same generated "Hidden" SSID
 - FIX - Channel width representation on bar charts was overflowing



4th May 2015

 - NEW - New Plus user tab : Extended access point information
 - NEW - New Plus user feature : Change scan interval time
 - NEW - New Plus user feature : Co-Channel and Overlap counts
 - NEW - Support for 40Mhz wide channels
 - ENH - Display the MAC address on the bars on the channel charts
 - ENH - Reduced flickering on data lists
 - ENH - Selected interface is now remembered
 - ENH - Selected access point is brought to the front of the channel charts
 - ENH - Numerous internal enhancements to improve UI performance
 - FIX - Supported data rate information could contain duplicate values
 - FIX - Hidden access points could be displayed with a zero MAC address
 - FIX - Presence of a 5Ghz access point could cause APHound to crash
 - FIX - Channel chart doesn’t always show all access points
 - FIX - Out of range value being used for the channel on the access point list
 - FIX - Fixed spacing of adjacent channels on the channel totals chart



29th March 2015

 - NEW - New Plus user chart : signal strength and channel
 - ENH - Limit access point refresh to changed data
 - FIX - Channel chart does not always fit the plot area



8th March 2015

 - NEW: Group access points by name
 - NEW: Track last seen time for acess points
 - NEW: Splitter bar on the main display
 - NEW: Context menu on the AP list for check/uncked options
 - ENH: Improved access point list display
 - ENH: Retain access points on screen rather than remove them
 - ENH: Improve local data storage
 - FIX: Correct version information on installed application list
 - FIX: Include channel 13. Add gap to Channel 14
 - FIX: Access point not always removed from charts when unchecked



1st February 2015

 - First release of Free and Plus Editions
 - Access Point Information
 - Signal Strength Tracking
 - Channel Allocation Data
 - Signal Site Survey with save option for the Plus Edition