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  • APHound is designed for
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  • Current Version: 1.10b
    Release Date: 17th April 2018

Frequently Asked Questions - Topics

Free Software




Free Software?

1.Is APHound really free?
 Absolutely. APHound is completely free to use!
2.Really, Really?

If you use it regularly you could think about making a dontion to a local charity to give something back.

We'd love to hear about it if you do make a donation!
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1.I have a support query - how quickly will you respond?
 At the moment the entire APHound team is one person and that person doesn't want to use automated scripts to handle your support query. The aim is to get back to you the same day you e-mailed.
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1.The copy of APHound I downloaded doesn't have a digital certificate or isn't signed by Byrne Consultancy Limited, is it safe to install?
 No. Absolutely Not. All of the software, every edition, is digitally signed using the Byrne Consultancy Limited digital certificate, issued by Comodo.
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1.I have some comments to make about APHound and they're not good. Do you still listen?
 Absolutely! Praise for APHound is fantastic and I love to get it but critical comments are equally welcomed - if I don't know what people don't like I can't look at fixing or changing it!
2.Product X has this cool feature, why doesn't APHound?
 One of the core aims for APHound is that the addition of new features, or the enhancement of existing features, should be driven by its users.

Because of that I don't look at what similar products are doing and think 'I must implement that'.

If there is sufficient user demand for something then I'll look at it and if it can be done I'll design and build a solution for APHound. If you have a feature/enhancement idea then drop me an e-mail at
3.Do you have a beta programme I can join?
 Not an official one. But if you request a feature that I develop then I'll keep you updated on progress and might ask if you'd like to try it out before it goes live. If you just like testing pre-release software then drop me an e-mail at - I'm always going to need testers and you might be exactly who I'm looking for!
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